Pokémon GO: Niantic removes one of the mechanics introduced a couple of days ago

Niantic withdraws the new system of changes due to the complaints of its players

A couple of days ago Niantic introduced in Pokémon GO a series of novelties that were intended to improve the experience of its players, especially in the PvP mode . The update of the application brought new features such as a new system of changes , new attacks and the possibility of teaching your pokémon movements that they could not learn before. All these changes we picked up on their day, but today we talk about the withdrawal of one of them because of its malfunction , as announced on the official page of the game .

One of the main problems that the game had before it was updated was lag and sporadic freezes  . However, the main problem of the update came with the modification of the system of changes between pokémon. The system of changes introduced a small pause in the changes between a Pokémon and another, with what was intended to eliminate the “phantom damage” received by the Pokémon that was going to join the field before it did.

Pokémon GO maintains the implementations of the last update except for the system of changes

This “phantom damage” was still occurring, even with the wait of a few seconds between each change. In addition, the system of change allowed to change a pokémon by that same pokémon , what allowed to lengthen with meaningless changes the games. Another of the errors of the new system was the malfunction of the change button , which did not work sometimes, no matter how hard you pressed it.

Niantic has listened to his followers and has eliminated that little pause he introduced. However, not everything that has brought this update has been bad; remember that there were movements that were more than necessary and have finally been implemented.

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