Pokémon Go: Niantic banned one of the most popular players

One of the most popular players of Pokémon go, Brandon Tan, unveiled through its Twitter profile that was banned from the game for 30 days by Niantic.

At the moment the reason for this ban is unknown, but the community of the game on Reddit, point out that it could be treated due to the use of multiple accounts and that it was selling creatures to other users, even for values higher than 400 dollars.

According to the community in Reddit, Tran himself would have promoted this sale of creatures, mainly from the legendary Mewtwo, under the name of “Servicio Mewtwo”, where he offered the Pokémon in exchange for money.

The player will be able to play again in 30 days, but as he wrote on the social network he does not know if he will return, because he could lose motivation.

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