Pokémon GO: Niantic advances the third generation and a new mode of combat

Since its launch more than a year ago, ‘Pokémon GO‘ has not stopped growing and adding new content on iOS and Android devices like legendary Pokémon or raids.

Social aspect of the game and features.

Well, today we bring you good news, and is that Niantic has advanced what new content will be available for ‘Pokémon GO in the coming months, highlighting the arrival of the Pokémon of the third generation, a new combat system and more tools for Enhance the social aspect of the game available for free to download to iOS devices through Apple Store and Android through Google Play.

As we have read in Nintendo, the first of these features to arrive will be the third generation of Pokémon. Niantic has not specified a date, but they do promise that the third generation of Pokémon will be available soon in ‘Pokémon GO‘. On the other hand, the company has anticipated that in 2018 they will launch a new combat mode for ‘Pokémon GO‘. Niantic promises to be very interesting and will delight players, but have not wanted to disclose specific details about how it will work.

New functions to enhance the game.

Finally, Niantic also ensures that ‘Pokémon GO’ will receive new features and tools to enhance the social features of the IOS game and Android. It is very possible that in the coming weeks we can learn more about these new content, but in the meantime, here is our analysis of ‘Pokémon GO’. and gift Here you have a guide to Pokémon GO to know how to evolve to Eevee in Umbreon and Esper with the second generation and all the details on how the night and the day affect the eggs in the game iOS and Android.

John Hanke, the president of Niantic Inc., a study in charge of the successful ‘Pokémon GO‘, has given an interview with Taiwanese Business Weekly in which he has announced three important novelties for the future of this mobile title. In short, the generation of Ruby and Sapphire Pokémon will arrive soon, another mode of combat is in development for next year and, finally, has confirmed that more tools to socialize hope to launch in the future.

About the third generation of Pokémon: “There are still many Pokémon that have not been released, so our next ace in the manga will be the launch of the third generation of Pokémon.” “I hope the players will see it soon.”

On a new combat mode: “We are thinking of developing a new combat mode.” It seems very interesting to us; “We will see how we managed to implement it in 2018.”

About new advanced social tools: “I can only reveal that these tools are designed to improve local communities and the interaction between their players.”

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