Pokémon Go: A new MOVIE and a New Pikachu for you!

Watch the trailer for the upcoming Pokémon movie and find out how to get an exclusive Pikachu for your games.

The ‘Pokémon movie’ I choose you! It is the twentieth animated feature film in this so veteran series, which commemorates all the adventures that Ash and Pikachu have experienced over the years. Take a first look at the movie in the new trailer mentioned above, and don’t forget that the tickets will be available soon here.

However, the new film is not the only way to celebrate this milestone. For a limited time, coaches will be able to receive a special Pikachu with Ash’s cap in their game of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon.

Since September 19, stop by to discover a code that will allow you to receive a Pikachu with one of the six different caps in your game. Each of them is based on the one that Ash carried in the various regions he explored with Pikachu. In addition, each Pikachu will possess a unique set of movements that reflects those that used to use in the region corresponding to the CAP.

Keep in mind that you can only use this code once!

The date you choose to enter the code will determine which hat and set of moves you’ll have your special Pikachu. This means that you should be very careful when deciding what Pikachu you want to add to your team. Keep in mind the following dates and be prepared to choose your Pikachu!

  • 19/09/17 – 25/09/17: Original Cap (Kanto and Johto regions)
  • 26/09/17 – 02/10/17: Hoenn Cap
  • 03/10/17 – 09/10/17: Sinnoh Cap
  • 10/10/17 – 16/10/17: Unova Cap
  • 17/10/17 – 23/10/17 : Kalos Cap
  • 24/10/17 – 30/10/17: Alola cap

But that’s Not all!

There is still another special Pikachu that you can receive, this time in your copy of the upcoming Pokémon Ultrasun and Pokémon Ultramoon. When you attend the projection of the movie Pokémon I choose you!, you will receive a QR Code that will report a Pikachu dressed with the cap that Ash carries in the film. Fans who attend as spectators will also receive a special card and never seen for JCC Pokémon. Ash and Pikachu have accompanied us along an exciting journey, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate!

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