Pokémon GO: New Event ON September 2018 ‘Ultrabonus’

Pokémon GO: New Event Septembre 2018

Pokémon GO: September Ultrabonus event in

Thanks to the work of all, Niantic launches a very special Ultrabonus event, in which you will be able to capture some of the most powerful legendary Pokémon.

After the success in Professor Willow’s research, Niantic has announced a series of events, part of the Ultrabonus event that will take place during much of the current month of September of 2018. In it, the most interesting part, without any doubt, is the possibility of capturing Mewtwo and the legendary birds. Want to know more? Read!

Part One: Legendary birds.

From the 13th to the 20th of September it will be possible to capture Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in the raid battles. They may even appear in their Pokémon forms.

Part Two: Mewtwo

rom the 20th to the 23rd of September, and coming out of the norm of only appearing in the EX-raids, Mewtwo will appear in the raid battles. It is one of the Pokémon most coveted by coaches, because it is one of the most powerful, so if you have to focus on something, that is to capture.

All month: Kanto Pokémon

Until the end of the month, the Pokémon of the Kanto region will appear more frequently in the battles we have in any place in the world than in the raids.

Throughout the month: Pokémon of Alola

Also and until the end of the month, 7km eggs have the opportunity to hatch giving rise to a Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, Tauros or Kangaskhan version Alola. These are quite interesting versions of these Pokémon and are not usually easy to get, so put everything on your side to add them to your Pokédex.

Remember that this event is temporary, as you can understand logically by the limit of dates imposed. If you want to have the chance to get with these legendary rare and powerful Pokémon, load your mobile, make sure you take pokéball in the inventory and jump into battle to get add them to your collection before the end of the Ultrabonus event.

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