Pokémon GO: New details about the Team Rocket update

Team Rocket New Update

Pokemon GO players are about to embark on a new task to catch the mysterious Shadow Pokémon that are left behind by Team Rocket minions who are invading the world of Pokemon GO. So far, players have not yet tracked any Pokémon or hidden members, but once the update has been implemented on all devices, this new system will appear.

Last week we reported on a special event in which a Team Rocket balloon had appeared in the real world . This announced the imminent arrival of Team Rocket to the Niantic game. References to this criminal group and to some new types of pokémon nicknamed “shadow” appeared in the game files.

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This is all that comes in the new update:

  • New evaluation tool: now you can learn even more about your Pokémon when evaluating them.  
  • Battle minigames: the Attack Loaded game includes new mini-games. 
  • Invasions: It seems that players may be assaulted by Team Rocket members when they pass through Pokeparadas.
  • Shadow Pokémon: a new form of Pokémon that has its own statistics, movement values, candy and star powder multipliers, etc.
  • Purification: a new mechanic that apparently converts a Shadow Pokémon to its normal version, needs Candies and Stardust to make it work.
  • Pokémon alignments: nothing else has been detailed about this.
  • Three new movements: Frustration, Return and Synchronization.  
  • Two new badges: badges for the number of purified Pokémon and minions of Team Rocket slashed
  • Two new types of missions: Battles against Team Rocket and Catch Shadow Pokémon.

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