Pokémon GO: New “Ban’s Wave” will come

Most Pokémon GO Trainers will be happy with the new New Year news, since in early 2020 several of the “cheats” will receive permanent bans in their accounts, as revealed from Niantic.

The developers explained that a new “wave of bans” will take place soon, as they have achieved “new cheating techniques” and “devised strategies to eliminate them . ” The full announcement explains the following:

“This year we have identified new strategies for cheating and we have devised strategies to lash out at them. For example, we recently discovered that some users were using a service called VMOS (Virtual Machine OS), to circumvent their location and we will take measures focused on ending that way of cheating. ” 

Pokémon GO has suffered with cheats since the game’s launch, and they are mainly focused on modifying their location to appear next to places where several rare Pokémon have their nest, or to go to parts of the world where there are Pokémon that are not catchable in other regions .

We hope that with these measures the number of cheats decreases considerably and Pokémon GO is a better place to play. 

Remember that the Christmas event is being held in Pokémon GO and here are all the details:

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