Pokémon GO: Meet the island that was forgotten and abandoned

Even if you live in a place far from a huge metropolis, it is very likely that you do not have great problems finding creatures in Pokémon GO , even if it is rare. While this situation may bother you, you should know that you are lucky, since there is an island that was forgotten by the game, so much so that its inhabitants have been unable to catch any creature for 7 months.

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As Polygon and Eurogamer report , until a few months ago the players of Salamis, a Greek island of the Aegean Sea, enjoyed Pokémon GO without problems. In fact, it was an ideal place to catch water-like creatures like Wailord and Dewdong, plus there were plenty of water-like creatures. However, one day the creatures stopped appearing in the game.

The strangest thing about this situation is that the rest of the game operates smoothly. That is, you can open it, log in to your account and explore the world with your avatar. Even the PoképStops are still present in the game and are in the same place as before. Thus, the only thing that happens is that no Pokémon has appeared since March 2019.

As you can imagine, the first thing the community did in this situation was to contact Niantic; however, they have not received a satisfactory answer. After a lot of automatic responses, the studio contacted a Salamina player to apologize for the inconvenience and tell him they hope he can continue enjoying Pokémon GO in other parts of the world. Unfortunately, the study did not confirm what the problem is, but it is believed to be a back-end problem.

The most interesting thing about this situation is that the Pokémon GO community in Salamina shows that he has an enormous passion for the game by doing his best to keep the community alive. For example, there are those who travel to other parts of Greece to catch rare Pokémon and give them to those who cannot leave the island. They also continue to frequent the friendships they got as part of the Pokémon GO Community events .

What do you think of the history of the players in Salamina? What do you think about his passion and dedication to Pokémon GO ? Tell us in the comments.

In other news, Niantic released a clue that seems to indicate that another Halloween event is on its way to Pokémon GO . On the other hand, you should know that dataminers have reason to believe that an important event related to the Rocket Team is coming .

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