Pokémon GO: list of all rewards and field research missions

Let’s know the  list of all new rewards and missions of field research  in Pokémon GO. On the other hand, Lugia and Ho-Oh are already available .

Niantic has already made changes within Pokémon GO due to the return of Lugia and Ho-Oh . In the following note we’ll show you a full list of new rewards and missions of field research , which can help you complete some stages of research Let’s GO, Meltan.

A few days ago, the creator of the augmented reality game, Niantic , notified all Pokémon GO coaches that Lugia and Ho-Oh would join the list of legendary rewards of the seventh seal of field research.This generated some annoyance in the fans of Pokémon GO , since these legendary ones would be available during two months. On the other hand, they questioned Niantic about the arrival of the lake trio: Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf.

As it is known, the three legendary creatures mentioned above are part of the image with which the Pokémon GO Christmas event was promoted , which will culminate in the coming hours.

In addition, users have very little time to take advantage of the third bonus of the event, which decreases the distance that it takes to walk to hatch Eggs. This time, Niantic has released 21 missions that can be achieved by turning the discs of any Pokemon GO PokeStop . Among the rewards we find Lapras, Manectric, Aerodactyl, Spinda n ° 5, among others.

Remember that Lugia and Ho-Oh have the same chance to come out as a reward for field research , once we have completed the seventh seal, like Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Suicune, Raikou and Entei. Below, we show you the complete list of new  missions and rewards .

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