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Pokémon GO is updated with Team Rocket and Dark Pokémon

Pokémon GO has become one of the mobile games preferred by users for its innovative contribution of playability mixed with augmented reality.

Since its launch , in 2016, the application has been constantly updated with events, new creatures and now we have the arrival of Team Rocket and a few dark pokémon.

It was the same official Pokémon GO account who confirmed one of the most anticipated updates by fans.

«Coaches, we have a message from Professor Willow: ‘I have been notified about an alarming number of reports of coaches who have found pokeparadas that look … without color?'”, Can be read in the announcement.

This means that in this new version of the game will appear, for the first time, the Dark Pokémon and Team Rocket , which will be the characters that use them.

Niantic decided to implement this new update on summer eve, since that is when most players go out hunting because they have more time thanks to the blessed holidays.

This means that there will be new pokeparadas with gray and black tones and in them you will be able to meet some of the Rocket Team’sapprentices , but not with their main protagonists … at least not at the moment, but perhaps they will eventually arrive.

Everything works as usual with gyms, except with the exception that Team Rocket will use only dark Pokémon.

The good news is that these dark pokémon are not so complicated to level up, since they need less dust and candy.

The bad news is that the pokeparadas are located in little crowded places, so users will have a bit difficult to meet with the Rocket Team.

Update your mobile game and find out if you are already worthy of meeting the dark Pokémon.

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