Pokémon Go is mistakenly blocking users with Xiaomi phones

For a long time the people of Niantic, responsible for the popular game Pokémon Go have been banning accounts or expelling players from the platform when they cheated, that is, when they became “fly” to go to other countries to capture Pokémon thanks to GPS applications that They made the service believe that you were in another country. 

The problem is that some Xiaomi phone users are reporting that their accounts have been banned after receiving the MIUI update on their devices. 

Although there are several models affected with this update, it seems that the biggest problem is suffering from those who have a Redmi 5, as it is the team with the most reports on this banning of accounts. 

It is not known why Pokémon Go accounts are being blocked, but the Xiaomi update includes improvements for game optimization, so it could be this function that has problems with the game, because even Niantic does not allow users root play with Pokémon Go, as specified in its terms and conditions. 

If for some reason Niantic bans your Pokémon Go account you can request an appeal to the cancellation explaining in detail the problem in the following league , as the company already has knowledge of this problem with the Xiaomi update. 

Written by ash

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