Pokémon GO includes important changes in the battles of coaches

Pokémon GO can be defined as one of the most successful mobile games in history. The title of Niantic enjoys a number million users that is maintained, and even increases, compared to the initial boom that took place three years ago. And one of the keys to this game is based on the constant updating and introduction of important news. On this occasion, we talked about important changes in the Coach Battles.

The introduction of Team Rocket , the gifts for the third anniversary , the versions with other names … Many are the novelties that revolve around Pokémon GO and that make it a game as unique as it is popular. The integration of augmented reality was a step forward for Niantic with a title that continues to reap good results thanks to the updates. On this occasion, the Californian company has announced some notable developments regarding the Coach Battles . Take a look!

A new way to fight

The Coach Battles were shown a few months ago as one of the most outstanding features by Pokémon GO users. Niantic had finally introduced a game mode in which players could face each other by repeating touches on the screen. Undoubtedly, a procedure that did not convince users and that the company has decided to change completely. This has been confirmed in his official Twitter profile stating that you will no longer have to repeatedly touch the screen to win the fight. From now on, users will have to slide their finger across the panel to get as much power as possible before launching the attack.

The key to this new mode is based on getting as many icons as possible to accumulate a power greater than that of the opponent. At that time, the Pokémon can launch a much stronger attack that can easily end with the opponent. They also highlight the changes in an evaluation system that now becomes much simpler and where the progress bars are the real protagonists. Also, you can change Pokémon with just one click on the screen. At the moment, this update is only available in the United States, but everything seems to indicate that it will spread throughout the world over the coming weeks.

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