Pokémon GO: Improved Adventure Sync for Cyclists and Sprinters?

The community of Pokémon Go has noticed that the developers of Niantic have apparently raised the speed cap for the AR app. At least it is reported that Pokémon Go now also tracks speeds over 10 kilometers per hour and counts correctly in the Adventure Sync. There is no official comment of the makers of PoGo.

The community of Pokémon Go has noticed a change in the AR game that is hard to understand – at least not when you are not fast joggers or cyclists. On Reddit (via Pokémon Go Hub), the players of the popular app of Niantic report that the speed limit has apparently been raised to a value over 10.5 kilometers per hour – that was the old value. What does that mean? Adventure Sync tracks when you activate it, how fast you move. If a certain speed is exceeded, perhaps because you are traveling in a car or a train, then the tracking stops – after all, you should be rewarded for physical activities and not for being in a vehicle.

The authors of Pokémon Go Hub are not sure if the currently observed increase has generally raised the speed limit for the Adventure Sync, or whether it is simply considering riders. In any case, the feature of Pokémon Go now seems to be tracking vehicle speeds higher than 10.5 kilometers an hour. Whether this is what the developers want or not is unknown, as there is no official information so far. In any case, the hopes of the coaches are that the adjustment is intentional. After all, cycling is popular among Pokémon Go players!

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