Pokémon Go: How to beat team leaders to get Jirachi?

Jirachi is a legendary pokemon that has several uses in fighting. (Photo: Pokémon Go)EC writing 27.08.2019 / 04:23 pm

Niantic has launched in Pokémon Goa set of challenges to overcome to get us the egg of the legendary pokemon Jirachi.

One of the most complicated challenges is to fight a gym leader three times in a “Millennial Lethargy of Pokémon GO”. There the coach must demonstrate his abilities to pass this test.

If the coach manages to defeat a gym leader three times, he will receive 3,000 experience points, so there will only be one step left so that they can face the unique Jirachi pokemon.

To fight against team leaders, you must select the “Close” option from the menu. Then select “Battle.” From that moment, you can now select the image of Candela, Blanche or Spark to challenge them to a duel. You need to beat him three times to overcome the mission.

How to beat Candela of Team Valor

This coach specializes in fire creatures. That way it is advisable to bring a team with water, earth and rock type pokemon.

How to beat Team Mysctic Blance

This coach specializes in water and ice pokémones. That is why a combination that is wrestling, grass and electric is required.  

How to beat Team Instinct Spark

This coach uses electric-type pokémons, which can cause a lot of damage to the opponent. Therefore, it is recommended to use earth-like creatures to get airy.

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