Pokémon Go has three new regional creatures

With the arrival of the first four-generation Pokémon three creatures will be difficult to capture as they will be available only in certain regions of the globe.

These correspond to the Pokémon Normal/Flying Chatot, Plant type Carnivine and electric type Pachirisu. To locate them a game fanatic has made a map of regional that you can check at the end of this note.

In Chatot’s case, players have pointed out that this can be seen mainly in Brazil and other countries of America, as well as the southern part of Africa, in addition to Australia and New Zealand, that is to say in the southern hemisphere of the planet.

On the other hand, in the case of Savine, the Pokémon Cactus, this will be possible to capture in the United States. Finally, Pachirisu, can be captured in Canada and much of Russia.

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