Pokémon GO: first three images of Professor Willow’s hidden files

After discovering the suspicious hidden folder, it is time to clarify what is happening with Professor Willow’s computer. Rotom?

Pokémon GO continues to play the mistake. After knowing that a suspicious folder has appeared on Professor Willow’s personal computer with corrupt files, little by little more details about its content are known, although not the origin of them. The official Twitter account of the game now advances a total of three images in the process of being restored.

Although speculation continues to point to the appearance of Rotom through an event due to a multitude of evidences such as the presence of this Pokémon in six of its forms in the internal code, the truth is that there is no official information confirming an announcement that it is macerating calmly.

The legendary birds of Kanto in dark form?

“Professor Willow has tried to recover the files from the corrupted folder and has obtained these images. One of the photos is still being restored … ”, describes the new message. What is undeniable is that in these new images you can see the silhouettes of several characters, one of them with the R of Team GO Rocket stamped on his sweatshirt. Those three characters – who may be members of Team GO Rocket – appear alongside the three legendary birds of Kanto ( Articuno, Zapos and Moltres ). In addition, the three legendary birds have internal data in the Pokémon GO code to be dark.

That said, it is possible that we are about to take place an event where Articuno, Zapos and Moltres appear in the form of Dark Pokémon . No less true is that Rotom is one of the eight unique Pokémon in the Sinnoh region (Gen IV) that has not yet been seen in the Niantic app. The arrival of Generation V with Teselia with dozens of new species shows that the eventual appearance of Sinnoh’s absentee occurs soon, but that is something that depends on the times managed by the developer.

It is expected that more details will continue to be offered throughout the week; Meanwhile, keep waiting.

This October will be marked, at least, by the Community Day of October 12 with Trapinch as the protagonist, which will be held from 11 to 14h (local time) with capture bonus, the possibility of having a Flygon with exclusive movement and three hour baits instead of the usual duration.

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