Pokémon GO: fanatic tries to return with his ex-girlfriend on WhatsApp and this happens +PHOTOS

Through WhatsApp a young Pokemon GO fan surprised thousands of users after chatting revealed the ” trick ” to try to get back with his former partner.

You will not believe it. The love story of a young Pokemon fan has gone around the world, as he used the WhatsApp application to ‘beat’ his ex-partner in a fun duel to resume their relationship.

As revealed by a series of captures of the chat that he maintained on WhatsApp with his ex, the young lover of Pokémon GO had no better idea than to challenge his beloved to a Pokémon duel in order to ‘catch his love’. The result of this ‘contest’ has aroused astonishment in thousands of users.

WhatsApp is the application in which millions of users share all kinds of information whether they are images, videos and all kinds of documents. This time, a young Pokémon GO fan has brought joy to thousands of fans of the popular augmented reality video gamesince he used an incredible strategy to recover the love of his former partner.

On Facebook they shared a series of screenshots of the WhatsApp chat that the young man had with his ex-girlfriend whom he challenged in order to be able to ‘catch again his love’. As recorded in this conversation that is already viral, the boy had a ‘battle pokémon’ with images and defeated his beloved and then claim to return to his side.

WhatsApp: Pokemon GO Fan uses unique trick to get back with your ex and this happens

To the surprise of thousands of fans of Pokemon GO , the boy praised for this ‘duel’ Charmander, a fire pokémon , and managed to defeat in this confrontation of images by WhatsApp to his former partner, who had chosen Bulbasaur, a weak being against this type of creature that lives in said virtual application.

The boy has earned the respect of thousands of fans of Pokemon GO , who did not hesitate to share this story on social networks and thus make them viral. At the top you can review the ‘dispute’ that these two young lovers had before being together again.

Everything indicates that the young woman did want to go back to her former partner who is an inveterate Pokemon GO fan , so she entered the ‘game’ that he proposed and then accept his love proposal. At the top you can review each of the screenshots that were shared of the conversation that is already trend.

However, this is not the first time that these types of conversations have become viral in social networks; Here we leave you a YouTubevideo in which you can register some of the most crazy conversations seen on WhatsApp .

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