Pokémon GO dresses up to welcome Detective Pikachu

Pokémon GO Pokémon GO has launched a new event loaded with news to celebrate the premiere of Detective Pikachu , the new movie of the franchise that will hit Spanish cinemas next Friday, May 10.

From May 7 at 22:00 (Spanish peninsular time) until Friday 17 at the same time, Pokémon GO players will be able to enjoy the characteristics of this event centered on the film and that will allow capturing a special Pikachu with the characteristic cap with which it appears in Detective Pikachu .

All the Pokémon that appear in the movie have seen their appearance ratio increase, which includes creatures such as Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Psyduck and Snubbull, although some coaches have had the good fortune to meet others as rare as Charizard . As usual in each event, a new Variocolor Pokémon has been introduced , Aipom, and, by extension, its evolution, Ambipom (to get it you need 100 Aipon candies and a Sinnoh Stone).

Some of the Pokémon in the film have also been included as raid bosses . This includes Psyduck, Aipom, Flareon or Charizard, among others, although to the disappointment of many coaches no one has been introduced in the level 5 , in which the lake trio will continue – Aleph, Mesprit and Uxie, each one in one part the world-.

The Pikachu with a detective hat has taken Smeargle’s place in the photos . To achieve this, the coaches will only have to photograph their Pokémon and wait until this new Pikachu sneaks into the picture. To achieve this type of encounter the best thing is to change Pokémon and go doing only one or two photographs.

The field investigations have also received a piece of the cake, and four new ones have arrived that will allow to capture Treecko, Arcanine, Magikarp and Ditto . Unlike the usual ones, in this case they are not so clear and they present a sort of riddle to the coaches , who will have to find out which Pokémon they refer to.

Finally, they have included new thematic objects of the film for the avatar that can be purchased in the fashion store by coins. In addition, during the event there will be a bonus that will double the experience obtained with any capture.

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