Pokémon GO doesn’t work? this solve common problems

The summer of 2016 was marked by a worldwide phenomenon: the success of Pokémon GO. The app developed by Niantic attracted the interest of millions of users who took to the streets to capture new creaturesand accumulate victories in the gyms of their cities.

Pokémon GO has lost players in these years, but it still has a significant community of users that has caused it to exceed 1 billion downloads . Despite the stabilization of the operation of the app at this time, it is possible that you suffer common problems that you must solve to have a free path to victory .

How to solve the most common Pokémon GO problems

Indispensable to always have the latest version

If playing Pokémon GO has become somewhat tedious because the app is caught or closed continuously, the first thing you should do is update to the latest version as soon as possible. Through the updates, the responsible ones correct those errors that could cause that the game did not work correctly .

You have two options to have the latest version of the app. On the one hand, Pokémon GO usually sends you notifications to let you know that a new update is available . Click on the message and you can download that latest version in a few seconds.

On the other hand, you always have the option of the Google Play Store. From the “Updates” section of “My applications and games” you can access the news of each app. Click on the “Update” button, next to Pokémon GO, to start downloading the latest version of the app, which will be installed and will end the existing problems.

How to prevent the battery from running out quickly

By using GPS, mobile data and, sometimes, even the camera, Pokémon GO suppresses your mobile’s battery in record time. You can leave the house with 100% device charge, but you will come back with it almost exhausted if you have been playing along the way .

Do not worry, there is a way to save battery when you play Pokémon GO. To reach the lifeguard, you must go to the options of the app, accessible through the Pokeball that appears at the bottom of the screen. Within the settings menu you will find “Battery Saving”, the box you must check to protect your battery while you play.

Pokémon GO will continue to operate normally, although the brightness of the screen will drop significantly to allow this battery saving . In addition, with this option you will also protect your phone from overheating.

A unique solution if Pokémon GO freezes

It is quite common for the app to get caught, either on the initial loading screen or at any time during the game . This situation bothers a lot, since Pokémon GO stops working for no apparent reason and you can not do anything to avoid it. In this case, the only solution you have in your hands is to restart the application.

Access the window with all the apps you have open (button at the bottom of the terminal or the screen) and click on the “X” of Pokémon GO to close that application . Then, return to the apps menu to open the game again and check that it is not frozen.

There is no Pokémon around you

Travel many miles without finding a small creature to capture or gyms to fight is common in small locations, where wild Pokémon appear very occasionally due to the low presence of players. There is little you can do to solve this problem, which is a feature of the game and can not be modified.

In the case that you suffer this problem in large cities, it can be an error in the server that will be solved in a few hours. To check the status of Pokémon GO, go to its Down Detector page and find out if the other players are also suffering from the same problems.

Problems finding the GPS signal

Another common problem when playing Pokémon GO is the difficulty for the app to receive the GPS signal from the terminal. In this case, the application will continue to work, but will suffer constant errors that will slow down the game. If the connectivity of the mobile is adequate, the location permits may be the culprits .

The solution is to activate those permissions for Pokémon GO to access your location without obstacles. Open the settings menu of your device and enter “Applications”, where you can find “Pokémon GO”. Once inside the configuration of the app, select “Permissions” and enable the Location option so that the game always knows where you are .

Identification seems impossible

You open the app, enter your account information and … Error! Identification is not possible, try again, please. These difficulties to enter with your profile in the Pokémon GO app may be more common than desired, but overcoming them is not complicated.

In order to perform the identification process after viewing the notice, you must ensure that you close the app before opening it again. You can do it from the open apps window, as we have seen before, or from Settings> Applications> Pokémon Go> Force stop . Once closed, open the app and re-identify yourself so you can play once and for all.

These are the most common problems that can arise when playing Pokémon GO, and the solutions you must apply to remedy them. If the impediments that you suffer escape from this list, you can always turn to Niantic Support to remove them.

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