Pokémon GO confirms the return of the Adventures’s Week

The Pokémon franchise has lived a few days of many announcements , such as its new mobile games: Pokémon Masters, starring the coaches of the series , or Pokémon Sleep, including a review of the Pokémon GO Plus wristband . In addition to them, the star work of Niantic has also carried out a series of confirmations, such as a new event starring Snorlax or the return of the Week of Adventures to Pokémon GO .

Through a statement on its official website , the team responsible for Pokémon GO has announced the return of the Week of Adventures to the famous augmented reality game. As reported in the announcement, this event returns to the mobile title based on the Nintendo saga, with more strength than ever, since users can discover new pocket monsters variocolor .

In the same way, new limited time field research and new rewards for exploring new areas also arrive . The Week of Adventures of Pokémon GO will kick off on June 4 , and will be active until Tuesday, June 11. In it the Rock-type Pokémon such as Geodude, Rhyhorn, Omanyte, Aron, Lileep and Anorith , among others, will appear savage more frequently.

Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémon, arrives at the raids

Rock-type Pokémon such as Onix, Larvitar, Lileep, Anorith and Shieldon will appear when eggs are hatched at 2 km . In addition, during that week users can also challenge Onix, the Rock Snake Pokémonand other Rock-type Pokémon in the raids. Even if they are lucky, they can get hold of a Lileep or Anorith variocolor .

As for the research tasks, this time they have a special theme and will be available for a limited timeduring the event. In the same way, in Pokémon GO Adventure Week coaches can also get x4 Candy for walking with their peers , visit new Poképaradas and win × 10 PX the first time they turn a Fotodisco .

Those coaches that activate the Sync Aventure and walk 50 km will get 50,000 Star Powders and 15 Rare Candies . As always, do not forget to be alert to your surroundings while enjoying Pokémon GO to avoid any danger and not to disturb others.

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