Pokémon GO code: Galar, Giovanni forms and new challenges

The Niantic game will be updated soon with many new features of Team GO Rocket and Pokémon from the Sword and Shield editions.

The code of the new version of Pokémon GO(0.159.0 APK) , which will be arriving in the coming days globally, includes a multitude of new content and events for the game in the last months of the year. As they have found different dataminers , Giovanni is already included in the game, so the eventual encounter against the leader of Team GO Rocket is getting closer.

The progress of Professor Willow’s research continues and, as we have seen this week, he has found an object that seems to elucidate the method used by these rivals to enter the Poképaradas.

Beyond Giovanni’s map, an image has been identified in the code with the three leaders of the Team GO Rocketrecruit team and a black gift, whose obtaining is currently unknown, but we do know that it will grant an indeterminate series of rewards

Giovanni’s medal, Galar forms and new rewards for walking

The code of this new version also includes all the new objects, medals, attacks and characters that will be added soon to Pokémon GO; In this case there is also no exact date of availability.

In addition to the icon of Giovanni , who will wear as always black, a medal will be included that will be responsible for counting the number of victories against him; so it is understood that the fighting against his person can be repeated, as is the case with the rest of the members of Team GO Rocket.

To that we have to add two missions : “First invasion of the day” and “Find the Team GO Rocket”.

Other minor changes that will arrive at Pokémon GO are found in the rewards for the weekly goals of distance traveled. There are currently three types of rewards, the maximum if we walk 50 kilometers a week; Soon there will be a new reward, presumably for those Coaches or Coaches who walk even more distance every seven days.

And we reach the end: the Pokémon from the Galar region, where the Pokémon Sword and Shield editions will be set from November 15 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Specifically, this is what the code of version 0.159.0 of Pokémon GO tells us, which corresponds to three of the new regional forms confirmed for the eighth generation of the series.


If you are in the middle of the research tasks ” A terrifying message “, in this guide we help you complete the three phases in full with their respective rewards. We also remind you that the competitive PvP of Pokémon GO will be called Liga Combates GO and will be available from the beginning of 2020 .

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