Pokémon Go: Cliff, the first team leader of Team Go Rocket, appears

Professor Willow has come across by surprise with the first Team Go Rocket team leader, Cliff. Luckily nobody has been hurt. Investigations continue.

Professor Willow continues his unstoppable research in Pokémon Go . The advances of recent days have led him to run into Cliff, the first leader of Team Go Rocket that finally comes to light. It has been a tense encounter that predicts close problems. It seems that the news will not end here for the famous Android and iOS title.

Cliff, the first of many surprises

A few days ago Professor Willow advanced in his research related to Team Go Rocket, making a Radar Rocket prototype that would allow him to find the whereabouts of the members of the organization. All thanks to some mysterious components that these characters were left in the Poképaradas once they were defeated. Well, after working side by side with the leader of the Wisdom team, Blanche , Professor Willow tested the tracking capabilities of the prototype without much success. But something unexpected happened suddenly.

“Instead of finding a Team GO Rocket leader, one of them found us!” , the teacher tells us in his notes. And he continues: “A muscular man with an easily recognizable beard in the form of Poké Ball approached us. It was Cliff, and it is just as it appeared in the corrupted files of my computer. His first words were a warning, he told us that we were ‘entering the territory of Team GO Rocket.’ His attitude was as serious and intimidating as his photography. “

Although Professor and Blanche did not have to fight against Cliff , the encounter was quite tense and things do not bode well: “Blanche froze. I made the decision to retire; we were not prepared for a face-to-face combat. We must be cautious It seems that we are not the only ones probing the situation . 

This information makes the future presence of Team Go Rocket leader Giovanni stronger , whose data has already been recognized in the application of the game by dataminers . We have no doubt that Professor will soon meet the other two Team Go Rocket team leaders that are already confirmed by Niantic. It seems that the ground is being prepared for players to have new challenges with the addition of these characters. For now we have to take advantage of the last days of the Halloween event that is being lived inside Pokémon Go.

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