Pokemon Go Catching Lapras Shiny is now possible

Undoubtedly we had a week moved in Pokemon Go . While in Singapore the coaches have the exclusivity of the Pokémon Safari event and have the option to capture Shuckle Shiny , in the rest of the world we have seen with surprise how it is now possible to catch Lapras Shiny .

While Niantic has not been officially manifested in this regard, there are many players who have uploaded to the internet screen shots in which this pokemon is seen . Undoubtedly is one of the most coveted creatures inside the game, so its variocolor version is one of the most valuable treasures.

Capture Lapras Shiny in Pokemon Go

The information on this has originated in Reddit , where the rumors began to circulate little by little until it became a real epidemic. Many await official confirmation, but it seems that at this point it is not even necessary. In fact, it is better that you go as soon as possible to try to get your Lapras Shiny .

Remember that the simplest way to have encounters with this Pokémon is to complete the task of field research in April , which requires 5 gym battles. Do not waste any more time and get your Lapras Shiny!

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