Pokémon GO-How to capture Entei, Suicune and Raikou. +VIDEO

Niantic has fulfilled his word and introduced important novelties in Pokémon GO. In particular we speak of three new legendary, the dogs of second generation Entei, Suicune and Raikou, that are already available in the legendary incursions. We explain how to do with them.

After a month of August quite moved with the legendary birds, Niantic has taken his penultimate ace of the manga: Pokémon GO has three new legendary, the Dogs Entei, Suicune and Raikou. You can capture them in their respective legendary forays, although they have a trick.

If on the previous occasion the company was releasing the legendary little by little, this time it does it in a coup, although limiting its availability geographically. The next big event will be on Halloween, so you’ve tried to stretch this gum until then.

How did they do it? Easy: The legendary Dogs Entei, Suicune and Raikou can be caught already in Pokémon GO, but not all of them at once. They will be rotating once a month of continent for three months until next December 31st. This is how it is distributed.

  • Entei, available in Europe and Africa.
  • Suicune, available in Asia and Oceania.
  • Raikou, available in America.

These legendary Pokémon are part of the second generation. In the original games appeared randomly in the game, but will not do the same in PoGO. As you might expect, you will be able to catch once you have won your legendary incursion.

Therefore, it is time to move on to the tips to capture Raikou, Entei and Suicune, which are based on the kind of creature you face. The main thing is to defeat them before accessing the Bonus challenge.

Entei: Features and best Pokémon to fight him.

Entei is a fire-type Pokémon, so the best kind of creatures to defeat him in his incursion is water, rock and earth. Fortunately, there are three types that abound and a lot in Spain, where it is already available. We recommend the following five Pokémon to confront you: • Omastar.

If possible, these five-or similar-creatures must have water, rock, or ground attacks. We have chosen them because they are especially fast, very valuable quality in this game.

Raikou: Features and best Pokémon to defeat.

Raikou is electrical type, so the strategy is very similar to the one you need to defeat bad. In this case we have an additional advantage, and that is that not being a flying type, the number of creatures you can include in your computer increases.

However, the best thing you can do is to choose six rock or earth-type Pokémon. If you’ve been playing long enough, you’ll know what three we’re going to recommend:

Suicune: Features and best Pokémon for your legendary foray.

Now we are going with the best way to capture Suicune, a water-type Pokémon particularly strong and fast. Unlike the other two legendary dogs, not all Suicune’s attacks correspond to their type. However, it is still better to choose plant-or electric-type creatures to confront him. These are the best: • Jolteon.

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