Pokémon GO: App of Ispoofer chea/\ts was eliminated by Niantic and the [email protected] began

Niantic kept his word. The creator of Pokémon GO blocks the Ispoofer app and starts the bans to ‘fly’ users who cheat through the ‘fake gps’.

It took three years for Niantic to take action against users who cheat through the ‘ fake gps ‘, as the so-called ‘ Fly ‘ are being banned by the creator of Pokémon GO . In addition, the use of this app on iOS has been blocked .

The fact was reported by the Facebook page “The Page of Char”, one of the most active and followed by the Pokémon GO community . Ispoofer was a joystick App for Apple mobile devices with iOS operating system .

According to the Facebook post, Niantic would have infiltrated well-known Discord channels where Pokémon GO users who used iSpoofer met, and probably reported on the same app.

“ Niantic infiltrated, befriended on Discord channels, and they have begun to take action against some of the cheating users by giving them the ‘dear bring to ban ban’ or ‘call for elba neado’” says the Char Page, in reference to the cheats in Pokémon GO 

Ispoofer was one of the best known ‘ fake gps ‘ applications. It was in force since the very appearance of Pokémon GO 3 years ago. It has been the most used since then. Apparently, it took Niantic all this time to reach a solution.

A ‘ fake gps ‘ app is designed to be able to modify our location in the device’s gps without moving. This was used as a trap by Pokémon GO users to capture Pokémon without walking, having all kinds of advantages over other users.

In the last hours, diversity of videos on YouTube and publications on pages are ensuring the existence of methods to use iSpoofer still in Pokémon GO (such as “ispoofer for pogo”). From La República, we warn the community that the Niantic measures could have become more stringent with respect to the “ fake gps ” and we recommend not risking your accounts to a permanent ban.

Another similar event happened last June when Niantic herself said she was going to sue users who use any ‘ fake gps ‘ app in Pokémon GO . This in relation to PokeGO ++, an app very similar to iSpoofers but designed for Android. Global ++, developers after the application, had to close after the fact.

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