‘Pokémon GO’ announces new Safari Zone event in Taiwan

‘Pokémon GO’ announces new Safari Zone

The ‘Pokémon GO’Safari zones continue to spread around the world offering different species of rare Pokémon. This time Taiwan will be the lucky country to celebrate the new Safari Zone, so very soon its streets will flood with these creatures.

The event will be active from the 1st to the 5th of November and will be held at the Chimi Museum and the Tainan Metropolitan Park, which will soon be huge nests full of coaches.

‘Pokémon Go’: Here we leave you with the message shared by the team of Pokémon GO:


An event ‘Pokémon GO’ Safari Zone in Tainan, Taiwan, will take place from Thursday November 1st to Monday November 5th at the Tainan Metropolitan Park and the Chimi Museum! Known as the oldest city in Taiwan, Tainan is famous for its long history and rich culture. The city has many historic buildings, heritage sites and temples, as well as a host of local festivals, culinary delights and gourmet appetizers. In addition, throughout the city of Tainan, the coaches will be able to find Pokémon that are not common in Taiwan, like the Pokémon Relicanth of type water and rock, the Pokémon of type Psychic Unown, and more! And if you’re lucky, you can even find a Pinsir Pokémon!

This is a free event with the aim of being enjoyed by all coaches, so prepare your plans to ensure that you will have a good transportation and accommodation for the event.

We can’t wait to see you there!

How do you like these events? Would you like it to be held in other countries? You can tell us in the comments!

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