Pokémon GO; All the shortcuts to find a Pokémon Faster

Niantic has in Pokémon GO his goose with golden eggs . The augmented reality title based on the famous Nintendo franchise has a large mass of players, who day after day receive new content to improve the gaming experience, such as the return of Latios to the incursions for a limited time or that of Meltan variocolor . But the updates also serve to incorporate improvements, such as shortcuts and shortcuts that you can use in Pokémon GO to find Pokémon faster .

Thanks to a recent update, users can use a series of search commands in the game to find and learn more about the pocket monsters of their PokéDex . When you catch many Pokémon, it is sometimes difficult to know what type each of them belongs to or what is needed to evolve them, and the arrival of search filters will make that task easier .

The game has incorporated a new tool to search, specifically filters that can be used in the search bar once the list of captured Pokémon is accessed. To locate this bar, all you have to do is touch the menu button of the game – which is PokéBall shaped – located in the lower area of ​​the screen and then click on the Pikachu button . At that moment the interface will be launched with all the pocket monsters captured and where you can filter with the magnifying glass .

How to use the search filters in Pokémon GO

Once the magnifying glass is pressed, all you have to do is enter the new search filters, which join the already nown Legendary , Defensor , Variocolor and Alola , which show the Pokémon Legendary of the PokéDex, the creatures that are defending gyms *, to the ** shiny captured and to the Alola version, respectively. These are the filters available in Pokémon GO:

– Name: you can enter in the magnifying glass the name of a certain Pokémon to find that pocket monster. The game will show both Pokémon whose name starts with what is written and those with a nickname that responds to that text.

– Attack: to find a Pokémon with a certain movement or type of movement, two filters can be carried out. Put @ together with the type of movement will show all Pokémon with attacks of that type. On the other hand, you can also write @ together with the name of the movement .

– Number of the PokéDex: you can find a Pokémon by inserting its entry number in the PokéDex , it is even possible to search by ranges.

– By PC: when you insert a command, type, PC2000 , all Pokémon will be shown with that exact PC . In the same way, here it is also possible to search by ranges to find all the Pokémon with Combat Points located in said ranges.

– Pokémon to evolve: when looking to evolve , all those Pokémon of the PokéDex that are able to evolve will be displayed.

– Species: when entering + more the name of a creatureyou can see all the Pokémon of the same evolutionary line. For example, when filtering by + charmander you can see all the Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard of the inventory.

It should be noted that when using the filters, the commands do not distinguish between lowercase and uppercase . These new filters will help to have the most updated PokéDex as the user can know more details about each and every one of them .

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