Pokémon GO: all the bonuses and rewards for using the sync adventure and how to activate it

If you want to use the sync adventure feature in Pokémon GO you should not only make a small activation as you have iOS or Android, but also know its operation to get you interesting rewards.

A few months ago Pokémon GO added the functionality of sync-adventure that allows us to match health applications with the game so that we can count many more steps and, ultimately, to obtain greater rewards. The problem is that not everyone knows how to activate this feature of Pokémon GO , and for that we have created this guide.

We are going to give you all the steps to activate sync-adventure in Pokémon GO for both iOS and Android, and we also offer you a list of rewards that you can obtain based on the distance traveled weekly.

Pokémon GO: all the bonuses and rewards for using the sync adventure (and how to activate it)

Thanks to the function of sync adventure we can synchronize Google Fit data in Android or the Health app in iOS so that these steps are counted in Pokémon GO, and thus get many new rewards.

Before we go into details about the distance that you must travel week by week to obtain a series of rewards, we are going to tell you how to activate sync-adventure on both an Android phone and an iOS phone.

How to activate Sincroaventura on Android

Activating Android on Android is very easy since we will not need to leave the game. Of course, before you must ensure that you have Google Fit activated on your mobile device. Once you have the application and are registered in it, simply open Pokemon GO and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the pokéball icon
  • Go to game settings
  • Select the option of sync-adventure and grant all the necessary data for its use

How to activate Sincroaventura on iOS

Here it is a little more complicated, but at the same time simple. In this case we do not need to install an external health application, since the Health application already comes by default in each phone, at least with the new ones. What you have to do is the following:

  • Open the iPhone Health app
  • Go to Sources
  • Select Pokemon Go
  • Activate all categories
  • Go back to Pokemon Go and go to the settings section
  • Select sync-adventure
  • Activate the Health application allowing all the required options
  • If you are asked to allow the location to be used even if the application is closed, accept.

Distances that you must travel a week

Sincroaventura Pokémon GO

Depending on the distances recorded in health applications, you can get more or less rewards. To get at least one reward you should travel 5 km per week, something quite simple unless you never leave home. However, to get the reward of 50 km, you will have to walk 7 km a day, something more complicated.

  • In principle you should walk 930 daily steps to achieve the reward of 5 km per week
  • Walk 4600 steps daily if you want to achieve the reward of 25 km per week
  • You must walk 9300 steps daily if you want to achieve the rewards of 50 km per week

All the rewards

Well, here comes the most important in the form of the rewards that you can get by reaching milestones of 5, 25 and 50 km per week.

Rewards for 5 km per week

  • 20 pokeballs

Rewards for 25 km per week

  • 20 pokeballs
  • 10 Superballs
  • 5000 of stardust or an egg of 5 km

Rewards for 50 km per week

  • 20 pokeballs
  • 10 Superballs
  • 5 Ultraballs

And within this range of 50kms rewards, you will get one of these awards more:

  • 15,000 stellar powders
  • 5000 stellar powders and a 10 km egg
  • a 10 km egg and a rare candy
  • 10,000 stardust and a rare candy

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