Pokémon GO Adventure Sync reveals its new gift for walking 100 km a week

Niantic thus establishes a new Level of Adventure Sync. So far the limit was 50 km a week with rewards for some insufficient.

The Pokémon GO code includes, after its last update, what will be the new weekly reward of the Adventure Sync. As advanced by Pokémon GO HUB, Level 4 of this function will contemplate a new limit, 100 km of walking per week , to offer a reward even better than that of the current limit, 50 km.

It was a demand by some Coaches and Coaches for months; In fact, it also applies to our particular case. From now on, reaching 100 km per week will have an additional special reward: 16,000 of Stardust ; amount that we can boost up to 24,000 if we use a Star Piece. Remember that Adventure Sync collects all the steps we do with our smartphone (or if we have a linked smartwatch / smartband) even if we don’t have Pokémon GO open .

What does WHO say about daily physical exercise?

The American company also seeks to encourage physical exercise by promoting a lifestyle of about 14.5 kilometers per week, well above the average according to the WHO , which recommends 10,000 daily steps. Reaching 100 km per week equals more than 17,000 daily steps .

This reward will be achieved by a very low index of users, but Adventure Sync encourages, as described in the message that will be issued when Level 4 is public, go for a walk if we have to make a phone call, meet with our friends from in person, walk to the supermarket, park as far as possible from the entrance to the mall in a parking lot, take our dog for a walk …

In the official WHO portal it is recommended that people between 5 and 17 years walk more than one hour a day for the long-term health benefits of physical activity, which should be, to a large extent, aerobics. Also, for adults the recommendation is in more than 75 minutes daily.

Reasons will not be missing these coming months to go for a walk with Pokémon GO with events such as A terrifying message , the arrival of Regigigas or the next Community Day in November .

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