Pokemon Go adds new sets of unlockable avatars.

On Thursday night, Pokemon Go announced that players could unlock outfits to buy when they reach milestones in their fisherman’s medals, Battle Girl and Jogger. Each outfit is based on their respective medal, with a special hat and vest for the fisherman outfit, combined orange shorts and top for the Battle Girl outfit, and a sleeveless shirt, visor and goggles for Jogger’s outfit.

The three sets are based on the classes of Jogger, Battle Girl and fisherman trainer seen in the games of the main series of Pokémon. Oddly enough, costumes are gender-specific.

For example, you can’t buy a female version of the Jogger outfit and you can’t buy a male version of the Battle Girl outfit.

The new outfits of the game.

For each medal level a player obtains, they will unlock a different part of the respective attire of that medal, which can then be purchased using PokeCoins. Full prices can be found below, along with the medallists they must get to unlock them: on the one hand, it is good that PokémonGO is taking advantage of the main series a bit more and find more ways to integrate part of the knowledge and history Pokémon anime franchise.

However, it is a little strange that Niantic’s idea of granting accomplishments or failing to give players the privilege of paying for items… even if those items are relatively cheap and can be purchased with only a week of placing Pokémon in the Gimnas iOS. It is also a little strange that all sets are gender-specific, which means that players with female avatars only have an extra outfit.

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