Pokémon GO: a bug makes the Pokémon Runs as Naruto

The Niantic title, Pokémon GO , continues to be one of the leaders in the mobile market. Many years have passed since the game was launched, but augmented reality has increased its performance and Pokémon GO offers us day after day more reasons to continue playing.

Pokémon GO added last week a new feature called ” Adventures with your teammates .” This novel feature adds the possibility of interacting more deeply with our fellow Pokémon that we have caught. However, it has also brought a very funny bug .

If you are a Naruto fan, you are in luck, since there is now a bug in Pokémon GO that makes your Pokémon run by making the famous “Naruto Run” . This bug has been detected by a user of the Reddit forum who has published a video showing this curious error.

This failure occurs in the partner tab that has been enabled with the arrival of the new function we were talking about previously, but the cause is unknown. Although, this error is not the only one that is causing this function, since videos with disturbing deformations of some Pokémon, such as Togepi, also circulate.

It’s even more fun to see that the pokémon that happens is Lucario , a pokémon characterized by being a skilled fighter and being an icon among fans of the Game Freak saga. If it were not a bug, it would be a big nod to the caring Naruto and one of the most powerful Internet memes.

Bug: GFs Buddy is stuck Naruto Running from

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