Pokémon GO: know all the new creatures and how to evolve them

The new update of Pokémon GO has brought more than 10 new creaturesof the fourth generation. Here we tell you how to evolve them .

The coaches of Pokémon GO have new reasons to keep playing, since Niantic has released more than 10 new creatures of the fourth generation, but not only that, as we also have new evolutions and the arrival of pokémon babys through hatching of egg.

The arrival of these creatures in Pokémon GO was reported by the same trainers from Japan, who published in different social networks the notification they received from Niantic , where the new evolutions and members of the fourth generation were announced.

In total there are 18 new creatures that have reached Pokémon GO ; However, four of them only need 50 candies to evolve and these are: Cranidos, Shieldon, Combee and Glameow, who will evolve into Rampardos, Bastiodon, Vespiquen and Purugly.

New creatures in Pokémon GO

Evolution with Piedra Sinnoh in Pokémon GO

On the other hand, coaches must use a Sinnoh stone and 100 candies to evolve an Aipom to Ambipom, Lickitung in Lickilicky, Tangela becomes Tangrowth, Yanma will be called Yanmega, Kirlia will change her appearance to Gallade and Snorunt in Froslass.

new evolutions in Pokémon GO

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