How to defeat Deoxys Basic form Defense

The defensive form of the Pokémon singular of the third generation comes to the EX raids of the iPhone and Android game and we explain how to defeat it.

The defense form of Deoxys arrives to Pokémon GO this Tuesday 25 of March or like boss of the incursions EX of level 5.

It is one of the singular Pokémon of the third generation (Hoenn region) and it is of a psychic type , so the most basic strategy to face it is clear: use a creature of the bicho, sinister or ghost type and avoid the of fight and poison.

The defensive form of Deoxys will appear with a power level or CP of 36,170 , and once caught it will have between 1228 and 1299 CP if it has been caught with level 20 and without atmospheric benefits, or between 1535 and 1624 CP if it has been caught with the less level 25 and wind.

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