There will be global rewards in Pokémon GO for Earth Day

Because their titles are augmented reality invite people to go for a walk on the streets, Niantic is a company that shows concern for the environment. Therefore, he confirmed that he will celebrate Earth Day with great cleaning activities from April 13 to 28 and will offer gifts to the participants within Pokémon GO and Ingress .

Through a press release on his official blog, Niantic confirmed that he will once again have a campaign related to Earth Day, in which he invites players from all over the world to clean up their community. During the 2018 edition, the study carried out 68 works with which it was possible to collect more than 6.8 tons of garbage to help the planet. Now, in 2019, the goal is to exceed that goal and, to encourage participation, the developer will offer many benefits in their games.

The list of rewards in Pokémon GO is as follows, depending on the number of participants:

  • 2000 participants – Increase in the appearance of ground Pokémon
  • 5000 participants – Diglett shiny + Increase in the appearance of ground Pokémon
  • 7000 participants – 2x Dust and Candy in events + Diglett shiny + Increase in the appearance of ground Pokémon

That’s not all, since Niantic also prepared surprises for Ingress players , another one of their augmented reality titles.

“Due to the great success of the Earth Day campaign last year, we have re-united with Playmob, a Gaming-for-Good participation platform, and 15 NGOs to organize clean-ups in communities close to you, working to overcome Last year’s objectives As an organization with millions of users around the world, we believe that it is part of our responsibility to help ensure that issues such as ocean pollution and global warming are always present in the conversation and action, “he said. company.

If you know of any organization that can carry out a cleaning event, you can nominate it here . Additionally, you can participate in social networks by tagging @NianticLabs and using the hashtag #AugmentingReality.

In news related to the augmented reality title, we remind you that in just a few days you will be able to capture 2 new shiny Pokémon , in addition to the legendary dragon / ghost of the fourth generation, Giratina.

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