Niantic has created a PokéStop in homage to Mia Khalifa [PHOTOS]

Niantic approved a PokéStop in honor of Mia Khalifa inside Pokémon GO. See where to find the PokeStop of the adult film exam.

Not to believe Pokémon GO continues to be news for the occurrences of its community. The last one comes thanks to the fact that Niantic approved a PokéStop in homage to Mia Khalifa , an adult film exam . The pokestop has become the focus of thousands of coaches seeking the exact location of this now attraction in the game of augmented reality . Where is it? Find out everything here.

If you have never played Pokémon GO , then you should know that Pokémon are specific places, where players must go to get Pokémon , potions, among other objects for free.

In general, It is important places in a city, such as a church, a public statue, a restaurant, among others; However, in recent months the number has increased.

This is because Niantic enabled an option, only for ‘ Level 40 ‘ players, with which they can request their poképaradas, this brought with them many curious ‘ PokéStop ‘, one of them has the form of Mia Khalifa.

If you want to know what it looks like the PokéStop of Mia Khalifa to Niantic approved Pokémon Go , then feel free to check our gallery , sliding the main image to the left.


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