Niantic elaborates PokéStop in honor of Iron Man looks like this [PHOTOS]

You have to see it. Niantic surprised thousands of fans of Pokémon GO , after it created a  PokésStop  in honor of IronMan , the character that  Robert Downey Jr.plays at UCM .

Not to believe The videogame company that developed Pokémon GO , we are referring to  Niantic , has just released a  PokésStop in Ecuador in honor of IronMan , the character that  Robert Downey Jr.plays in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) . Here we will tell you the details.

For some months now, Niantic has allowed Pokémon GO players to create 
PokésStop  , as long as the sites chosen by the users meet certain requirements, such as that the place must be public and that it be showy.

After the premiere of Avengers Endgame , an Ecuadorian graffiti artist decided to paint a mural in homage to Iron Man , since this character does not hesitate to use the ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ and sacrifices his life to beat Thanos at the end of the film. 

The graffiti attracted the attention of many people, one of them was a Pokémon GO player who took a picture of the place and sent it to Niantic , assuring that it would be a good PokéStop. To everyone’s surprise, the company accepted.

As you can see in the pictures, the name of this PokéStop of Pokémon GO is ‘Mural Iron Man’ and its description , the following sentence: “In memory of Tony Stark, the avenger who beat Thanos titan”.

If you play Pokémon GO and you know a place that can become PokéStop , then do not hesitate to review this publication that shows you all the steps that you must follow so that Niantic approves your request for ‘pokéstop’.

If you want to see what this PokéStop of Pokémon GO looks like in honor of Iron Man , then do not hesitate to check our gallery , sliding the main image to the left. You can not miss her for anything in the world.

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