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Coaches, the first series of Pokémon GO Safari Zone Events in Europe is just around the corner! On September 16, the official activities of Pokémon GOSafari will be held at the Unibail-Rodamco shopping centers located in CentrO in Oberhausen (Germany), Les Quatre Temps in Paris (France) and the Machinist in Barcelona (Spain).

In each Pokémon GO Safari Zone event, coaches will receive a medal in the game and special eggs of 2 km of the various PokéParadas found in each of these malls. There will be modules activated baits all day in each PokéParada so that coaches can capture Pokémon together, including Kangaskhan, Chansey, Larvitar, and more. Coaches in the area may even find shiny Pikachu, shiny Pokémon, and various forms of Unown! As we seek to optimize the experience for all coaches attending, gyms and raids will not be available at these malls during events.

Pokémon GOSafari Zone events will give coaches the opportunity to get to know one and catch up on lobbies. Coaches who attend will also receive training kits to join the day’s Pokémon capture activities. Along each of the participating shopping centers, there will be select stores offering special offers for Pokémon GO coaches.

Coaches will be able to book free and non-transferable tickets to each of the Pokémon GO Safari Zone events on Sept. 16. To receive a QR code required to participate in the event, the person who claimed the ticket must be more than 13 years old and present a valid photo ID.

In addition, coaches who could not get tickets will be able to discover and capture some of the Pokémon found at the Pokémon GOSafari Zone events throughout the city where the mall is located. We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to explore these amazing cities while looking for Pokémon!

Visit the local mall’s Facebook page to get an update on how to book a ticket for the Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Oberhausen, Germany, Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain on September 16.

We are also happy to announce the new dates for the Pokémon GO Safari Zone Events in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Sweden and the Netherlands. These dates now include:

  • October 07, 2017 or Fisketorvet — Copenhagen, Denmark, or Centrum Černý Most — Prague, Czech Republic.
  • October 14, 2017 or Scandinavia center – Stockholm, Sweden, or Stadshart Amstelveen — Amstelveen, Netherlands soon we will be Revealing more information about tickets for these events. Visit the local mall’s Facebook pages for updates.

We are looking forward to meeting and capturing Pokémonwith all the coaches who will join us!


— Pokémon GO Team

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