New Update Pokemon GO 2019 Version 0.149.0 with new renewed mechanics

Pokémon GO is renewing existing functions to improve them or even eliminate them to introduce a new one as it happened in 2017 with gyms. The turn is for the valuation of the pokémon and its new visual and more effective form.

New Pokémon rating system

Niantic has decided to renew the valuation system of our Pokémon to make it more visual and more practical. The new system eliminates the phrases by a system of stars and bars better be our Pokémon more stars will have.

To know how are its technical characteristics (defense, attack and speed) we have three bars divided into three levels. This will allow us to know which is its strongest or weakest point.

new update pokemon go 2019

An important novelty is the inclusion of the lateral displacement to be able to change pokémon without having to leave the valuation. Next we show you a video of how it works.

With the Pokémon that are 100% the medal changes color to become red to show that its technical characteristics are perfect as in the image you have below. 
The range of IV according to each star is the following: 
0 – 0-48.9% 1 
✩ – 51.1-64.4% 2 
✩ ✩ – 66.7-80% 3 
✩ ✩ ✩ – 82.2-100%

As you can see, we now have more information on the same screen. PC, PS, Attack, Defense and Health next to the capture date and location.

Changes in combat

Recently we brought you news about future changes in the combat system with new mechanics for loaded attacks and pauses between Pokémon changes. In this version we can see a redesign of the upper part of the combat being able to appreciate the PC of the Pokémon as well as shields and Pokemon remaining are within a same box.

new update pokemon go 2019

New images and resources related to dark and purified Pokémon and Team Rocket have also been added. Then we leave you some.

Filters of dark Pokémon and purified Pokémon have also been added using “shadow” and “purified” respectively. For now, they do not have translations in the other languages.

In order to distinguish these dark Pokémon they will have a purple flame indicating their unpurified pokémon state.

The purified Pokémon will have a different badge to tell us their status. Also when entering the profile of the Pokémon we can see a fog as if it were a shyni to indicate that this Pokémon is purified.

In the official note echoes of new minigames that will be loaded attacks, for now we have been able to find very few minigames that remind us of the development of potions in wizards unite.

Hidden changes

  • New search filters: Female (female), Male (Male), Genderless (Without gender), Shadow (Dark) and Purified (Purified)
  • Expansion of the spawn points in the new pokeparadas. In the old changes of nests the new areas with pokeparadas or gyms did not receive spawn points being the first time this year add the spawn of new pokeparadas.
  • Elimination of the trick of the fast capture using the trick of going back.

Raid schedule is extended in some areas, with raids arriving after 23:00.

This has been everything new that has been discovered for the new version. Do not forget to follow us on our social networks, YouTube channel, web and channel application to not miss anything about the new version.

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