New update: Niantic allows us to store more creatures thanks to a

In Pokémon Go there are always two very recurring requests within the community. One always has to do with new generations of Pokémon, and another always has to do with the lack of space in the storage of Pokémon . So far the limit of Pokémon that we could have stored was 2,000, but to the most devout trainers the number begins to fall short.

With the arrival of the “shadow” version of some Pokémon , many community members complained that storage was again a problem. With this type of games, a diogenes effect often happens, which practically forces us not to get rid of our captures, and that is a problem.

On the hunt for more Pokémon!

Luckily, Niantic has listened to its fans, and once again expands the storage space in Pokémon GO. Now, the maximum of Pokémon that we can have in possession amounts to 2,500 , so those who were already in red numbers when we talk about space, you can breathe easy.

However, as you may have guessed, the change will not be free. To expand storage capacity, trainers will have to pay the sum of 2,000 Pokémonedas. If you are without white, do not worry, remember that you can get Pokémonedas leaving your best Pokémon in the gyms that you find in your adventure . If not, you can always pull your wallet and buy them with real money.

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