New update for Pokémon GO on Android with an annoying bug Breaks our Friends List

New Update on Andorid Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO updates are always very expected by the community, which as we already told you , does not stop growing and exceeding the 1 billion downloads.

The latest version launched by Niantic , the 1.109.0 / 0.141.0 will correct some of the errors of the previous versions, such as the one that prevented us from getting rid of the Premium Raid Passes, although it has brought a new bug quite annoying, especially if we are in the middle of one of the missions to send gifts, and is that with this new update our list of friends is completely broken .

We hope that this error is corrected as quickly as possible and we can continue to enjoy the more social part of Pokémon GO.

By the way, how is your list of friends?

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