Trick to evolve pokemon: New tricks and evolutions

Trick to evolve pokémon: Pokémon GO is taking it easy when it comes to introducing the fourth generation creatures , although each time there is less to complete it, and with the last round a few new ones have arrived.

Among them there are several evolutions of Pokémon of previous generations that to evolve will need the use of a new object class, the improved modules, which will be available in three versions: the Glacial Bait Module, the Mossy Bait Module and the Magnetic Bait Module .

The three are more likely to attract Pokémon of the types associated with the module in question, although the most interesting is that under his influence you can evolve to Eevee, Magneton and Nosepass .

The first one will evolve to Glaceon with the glacier module and Leafeon with the mossy – in both cases for a cost of 25 candies – while the magnetic module will affect both Magneton, which for 100 candies will become Magnezone , and Nosepass, in Probopass for 50 candies.

These three modules are available in the store for a cost of 200 coins, although it is expected that in the future they can be obtained free of charge through various special investigations.

Once placed, they have the same duration as the normal ones-half an hour on a regular basis, although if their duration is increased by an event it also applies to them-and any player who picks up the PokéParada will be able to benefit from its evolutionary properties.


Even if you do not have any of these baits, you can evolve equally to Leafeon and Glaceon thanks to a little trick that is to change the name: if you call Linnea evolve Leafeon and if you call Rea a Glaceon.

This trick is the same that already exists for the rest of evolutions and has the same limitation: it can only be used the first time . In case you did not know, if you call Pyro it will evolve to Flareon, with Rainer to Vaporeon, with Sparky to Jolteon, with Sakura to Espeon and with Tamao to Umbreon.


In addition to these evolutions have introduced several new creatures and their evolutionary lines. Shellos and his Gastrodon evolution , for example, have regional forms that are separated by the Greenwich Meridian. Cherubi can be captured and evolved to Cherrim , which has two forms: the overcast and the sunny one – it seems wild in this climate.

Two other creatures also have their own peculiarities, since Hippopotas and Hippowdon will vary their color depending on their gender and Burmy has three forms and two different evolutions depending on whether it is male or female, Wormadan and Mothim. Finally, Gible, Gabite and Garchomp complete the list of introduced Pokémon, in this case, without any relevant particularity.

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