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Fans has been busy for the past two weeks, with different legendary events and raids that fill their game schedule, but ‘Pokemon GO’ news this week have been dominated by new updates related to the Community Day 3. Now we know that Bulbasaur will be the special Pokemon available to capture ‘ Enmasse ‘ on March 25th, which could be one of the only events of the month.

We also know that Bulbasaurs captured during the hours of the event will also has the opportunity to learn a special movement, which will be exclusive to those pocket monsters, but for coaches to seize this new movement, they will need Evolve a Bulbasaur event to a Venusaur. This was confirmed in a new Community day update sent by Niantic this week, which also confirms that this new move will be announced soon before the big day.


Another important thing to keep in mind about the next community day is that there is a good chance that a new shiny is available and on Day 2 of the community presented a high level of shiny Dratinis and the fans expect this to continue for future days C Omunitarios are planned. While a shiny Venusaur does not stand out as much as a Dragonite, it would be quite exclusive, with the special move, if ever implemented a trading system and it happens that Pokemon Go fans have revealed the new feature by which they are more Excited.

More than 7,000 Express Online readers participated in a survey to identify the new role that would improve the game in 2018 and Pokemon’s trade is the overwhelming winner with 36% of the vote.

It is said that ‘Niantic’ is working on trading, which would allow fans to exchange Pokémon with other players. Niantic made the receding trade due to the popularity of the game in launching and the success of the game took the company by surprise and meant that the resources were injected into the PG infrastructure rather than new features. The trade was followed by single-player missions, which picked up 26% of the votes in our survey. References to a player’s quests were discovered in the game files after a recent update. The company would then delete these files as part of another update, leaving the fans unclear if they will ever launch the feature.

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More about the legendary Raid Kyogre week, Groudon and Rayquaza can be faced at this time in nearby gyms from February 23rd to March 5th. At the end of this period, coaches will receive a bonus, depending on which of the legendary types were most defeated.

“If Rayquaza is defeated more than Kyogre and Groudon combined, Pokémon who normally prefer windy weather (for example, Bagon) are more likely to hatch from March 5 to March 16,” explains a message from Niantic. “Otherwise, Pokémon that prefer sunny or rainy weather (such as prickly or Lotad) hatch is more likely.”

“These battles are going to be tough, so we have new special boxes that will debut on February 24th, which contain Raid passes to help you get ready. Visit the store in the game to get more information. ” It has also been confirmed by Niantic that these legendary new boxes that are currently available to buy at the game store will soon leave and coaches have until March 11th to break the following packages, which will not look like they are going When the legendary fight is over.

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