New Pikachu event with 7 different hats

New Pikachu Event

From August 6 to 12, coaches will be able to meet Kanto’s electric mouse wearing one of seven outfits each day. new Pikachu event.

Niantic has confirmed that, on the occasion of the Pokémon GO Global Challenge , which closes the stage with the Pokémon GO Fest of Yokohama, a worldwide event has started with Pikachu as the main protagonist. From August 6 (03: 00h CEST) to August 12 at the same time, the Coaches can run into Pikachu wearing one of the 7 hats we see in the picture; a different one every day and with the possibility of appearing in a shiny / variocolor version.

Being on August 6 on the date of publication of this article, we only know the identity of the Pikachu with a special hat of this day, which is that of Pikachu with a Christmas hat . Tomorrow, August 7, it will be another Pikachu that appears wildly, but the Christmas hat will not appear again until further notice.

More news about Pokémon GO this August

The Blanche Candies research challenge arrives on this same date (until August 12) accompanied by the activation of the evolutionary line of Poliwag in Pokémon GO in various colors . It should be said that, if all the research tasks of this Yokohama GO Fest are completed, Suicune will be available during the raids with the possibility of Suicune variocolor (shiny) appearing .

Now that Team GO Rocket has arrived at Pokémon GO, we are making several to several articles on how to find and fight Team GO Rocket – here the complete list of Dark Pokémon – as well as the tutorial to catch and purify the Dark Pokémon and our guide to calculate IVs with the new valuation system . Before starting a fight against Team Go Rocket you can know which team you will have if you know these clues .

Finally, we compile in this other article all the raid bosses of this month of August, where Rayquaza (with shiny possibility) and Deoxys forms speed as great prominent names.

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