New field research tasks May 2019 in Pokémon GO

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During this month we will have the opportunity to obtain important rewards during the May 2019 field research tasks. In fact, we can increase our collection with Latios, Latias, Lugia and Ho-Oh once we complete them.

The developer introduced the field research tasks as a measure to keep players active and the title does not stagnate. In fact, this measure has been a resounding success. Currently, it is one of the main pillars of the mobile game.

During the last year the awards have varied little. However, throughout these months have been including different Pokémon achievements . In addition to some changes.

Niantic has already confirmed on its official website the new rewards of field research tasks May 2019 and changes in hatching. On the other hand, we know who will be the protagonist of the Community Day in May. Torchic, the chick Pokémon, will appear on our screens on the 19th of this month .

New rewards in field research tasks May 2019

Available during May and depending on the actions we perform, we will add new Pokémon to our collection. In this way, be it with fighting in gyms, capture shots, hatching, capturing, in boxes or other missions, we can acquire a wide variety of creatures.

Finally, the company made three new creatures available to all of its coaches a few days ago. Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit appeared on the phones of all Pokémon GO players until yesterday, May 2. However, they are no longer available. However, as usual, we will probably see this trio in the not too distant future.

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