The first Pokémon GO Zone Safari year event on January 25

It seems that Niantic is already organizing the first Pokémon GO Zone Safari event of 2019 . The information has been shared this morning.

According to the shared, the meeting will take place in Porto Alegre, Brazil, next January 25 . You can register in this link .

We leave you with the message that has been published:

We are very excited to announce the first Pokémon GO Safari Zone in South America, which will take place in the recently restored Guaíba River Bank, in the beautiful city of Porto Alegre, Brazil. From Friday 25 to Sunday 27 January, coaches of all ages will be able to catch a huge variety of Pokémon, including some that are rarely seen throughout South America. This is an event with free admission with limited availability. Register today for an opportunity to receive your income. If you do not receive your tickets, do not worry! Well, you will not see any Pokémon in the space where the event takes place along the Guaíba River, but all the coaches will meet many of the same Pokémon throughout Brazil during the event.

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