Pokémon Go: How many candies and stardust you need to unlock the second charged attack

With the arrival of the Trainer Combats to ‘ Pokémon Go ‘, title that as you know is compatible with the two video games of the main franchise that came to Nintendo Switch recently (‘ Pokémon Let’s Go: Pikachu! ‘ And ‘ Pokémon Let’s Go: Eevee! ‘), The possibility of unlocking a second loaded attack to use in battles was introduced. It is without doubt a great idea at a competitive level, as it can offer us a lot of game in battles. However, unlocking it is not easy.

Getting a second charged attack is quite difficult in the Pokemon that are worthwhile, and almost impossible in legendary Pokémon. The reason is that we will need a high amount of star powder, as well as candy of the Pokémon species in particular . Both the stardust and the candies can be obtained in various ways in the game, and are two materials that, with the arrival of the Trainer Combats, we appreciate more.

Pokémon Go

But … how many candies and stardust do we need to unlock the second charged attack ? The second charged attack does not depend on whether the Pokémon has many PCs or not, or whether it is in a first evolutionary stage or in the last. Actually, the cost of the second charged attack can be determined by the number of kilometers the Pokémon needs to get a candy when we place it as our partner. The following table will give you a clearer vision.

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