Mewtwo Shiny: New date which you can capture it

The incursion of the Mewtwo variocolor was highly anticipated for Pokémon Go players this month, but the announcement that the event was going to be postponed and the absence of a rescheduling date worried many.

However, this Friday Niantic , developer of the game, confirmed that the new date of the raid will be on October 8. The event will be available between 6 pm and 7 pm at local time and the study said it will provide more details in the coming days.

This special appearance of Mewtwo was originally scheduled for September 18 as part of a series of Pokémon Go events throughout this month, which featured several legendary pokémones.

The first raid was dedicated to Entei Raikou and Suicune, while the second was starring Deoxys and Mewtwo was going to be the face of the third.

Do ​​you want a pokemons of another color? Pay attention to this important advice

According to the YouTuber “Minos Collector,” there is a trick in Pokémon GO to find a Shiny. As is known, finding a Pokémon of different color is extremely complicated because they are absent. However, there is a way to increase your appearance rate.

This YouTube blogger ensures that the trick works best during the “Community Days,” which features a special pokemon. In September we had Tepig, a fire-like creature belonging to the fourth generation.

Using this trick is this: You must capture several similar pokemon during “Community Days” and not transfer them. The more you have, the greater your chances of finding a various color.

It is recommended that the trainers increase the space in their backpack before the “Community Days” in Pokémon Go so they can store specimens and thus be able to capture a ‘Shiny’.

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