Mewtwo Battleship: the best pokémon to defeat this legendary [PHOTOS]

It’s time for you to build your team for level 5 raids. Mewtwo Battleship got to Pokémon GO and we show you the list of the best pokémon to defeat this legendary.

The ‘raids’ of level 5 have become the new meeting point for Pokémon GO users , since Mewtwo Battleship is the new raid chief for a month in the augmented reality game and to beat it you need to know the best pokémon that will help you defeat him and capture him. In addition, we show you the table of IV’sof this legendary.

Mewtwo Battleship has become one of the legendary most awaited by Pokémon GO fans in a very short time, because its presence in the augmented reality game is due to the remake of the first film of the Pokémon franchise: Mewtwo Strikes back evolution.

This new foray boss in Pokémon GO promises to make things difficult for the users of the videogame, since his armor will protect him from his enemies, however, there will be movements of specific types that will be very effective in him and will make you achieve victory.

Even though Mewtwo will wear an Armor , he will not modify that it is of psychic type. This means that the legendary will remain weak against movements of the bug, ghost and sinister type that can be performed by the creatures that are the best within Pokémon GO in their class.

This is the best pokémon option to beat Mewtw Armor in Pokémon GO.

As you saw the infographic, your team should be formed by Giratina form Origin, Mewtwo in its normal form, Tyranitar, Gengar, Weavile and Houndoom, however, if you do not have any of the above you can use Pinsir, Absol, Yanmega or Sharpedo .

In addition to helping you to beat Mewtow Battleship faster , it will also be very helpful to receive more Honor Balls, because if you belong to the team (Valor, Wisdom or Instinct) and are left first you will receive up to 6 extra pokéballs that will result in more opportunity to register in Pokémon GO this legendary first generation.

Mewtwo Armor IV’s in Pokémon GO

The power of attack that each pokémon has is important, however, the most valuable are the IV’s of these creatures, since it is linked to the stats that each one has regarding life, defense and attack. This means that the more this individual value (IV), the better statistics your creature will have in Pokémon GO and any other video game in the franchise.

Table of IV's of Mewtwo Armor in Pokémon GO.

It should be noted that Mewtwo Battleship will be in the level 5 raids in Pokémon GO until next Wednesday July 31, in addition, you can register this legendary in its shiny appearance.

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