Mewtwo Battleship arrives at Pokémon GO this July +VIDEO

The armored form of the Legendary Pokémon of the Kanto region is made hollow in the app since July 10 on the occasion of the new film.

After having leaked into the internal code of the game long ago, it is already a fact: Pokémon GO welcomes Mewtwo Battleship . Niantic has confirmed that the armored form of the popular Legendary Pokémon of the Kanto region will appear in the level 5 raids starting July 10 at 22:00 .

Mewtwo with Armor in Pokémon GO: from July 10 to July 31

Thus, until next July 31 (a total of three weeks) we will have the opportunity to access this alternative form of Mewtwo -which will maintain the Psychic type, although his statistics will vary- in those Gyms when his Raid is level 5, those where a legendary creature awaits us.

In the absence of knowing how and what will be the base statistics of this form, from MeriStation we promise to prepare a guide of advice and better counters both to face it in one of the raids and to capture it.

Why right now? Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution

Everything has a reason. The reason that motivated Niantic and The Pokémon Company to include now and not before or after Mewtwo Battleship in Pokémon GO responds to a mere commercial reason to promote Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution , the new film of the saga that will be released in cinemas of Japan on July 12 and will serve as a remake of the original film delivery of the saga, Pokémon: The Movie , which turns 20 years. It will be the first film made entirely in CGI.

Although there is still no release date in Europe, all the previous films of the last decade have been arriving in our country -both in cinemas or directly on DVD / Blu-ray- dubbed into Spanish. In the Sol y Luna generation, we bet for the first time on alternative stories, such as ¡Yo te Elijo! and The power of all , the latter released in Spain and available completely free in the Pokémon TV app (there are also other movies and free episodes in this app for iOS and Android ).

July in Pokémon GO: all events and Legends

The already begun month of July will be full of tasks in Pokémon GO. In this article we have compiled all the events that are going to be celebrated or are already being celebrated in the game over the next weeks; from research tasks such as Start-upthrough Legendary Raids or the legacy of Deoxys Speed.

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