Mewtwo Battleship and all the new Raid Chiefs

From 10 to July 31, Niantic has made the rotation of heads of all incursions, including all levels and EX raids.

Niantic has applied the rotation of Chiefs of Raid of this month of July in Pokémon GO. The title of iOS and Android, which has welcomed Mewtwo Armored as the main novelty for this summer in a limited way, has incorporated new faces also in the lower levels and in the EX category.

Chiefs of Incursion (July 10-31, 2019)

  • Level 1 : Shuppet, Shinx, Nidoran (male), Horsea, Duskull and Drifloon.

All of them with the possibility of appearing in shiny / variocolor form.

  • Level 2 : Sneasel, Pineco, Misdreavus, Mawile and Exeggutor (Alola).

All with probability of appearance shiny / variocolo except Sneasel.

  • Level 3 : Sharpedo, Scyther, Raichu (Alola), Machamp and Gengar.

Scyther and Raichu (Alola) with chances of appearance shiny / variocolor.

  • Level 4 : Tyranitar, Shiftry, Marowak (Alola), Houndoom and Absol.

Absol and Marowak (Alola) with a likelihood of appearance shiny / variocolor.

  • Level 5 : Mewtwo Armored – complete guide and best counters here / Entei : only on July 14 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm – complete guide and best counters here .

Level EX Raids – Deoxys Speed ​​Form

Remember that to find Deoxys Speed ​​Form you need to have a pass for those that only Coaches who have obtained an EX Raid pass can enter.

These passes can be obtained by winning a raid in an EX gym (if a gym is or not EX is indicated in the upper right of each). We remember that the EX Raids have stipulated hours and specific places to which we have to move, we can not choose them.

According to the official information, Mewtwo Armored will be available from July 10 at 22: 00h (CEST) and until July 31 at 22: 00h (CEST). 21 exact days to add to our Pokédex record this species, which arrives on the occasion of the Pokémon promotion : Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution .

The Community Day of the month of July is celebrated on the 21st with Mudkip as the main protagonist.

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